The unsung hero of Bharat (India): Bhai Rajiv Dixit

October 4th, 2013 | Posted by mehuldoshi in Inspirations

Few months back my better half Urvi Doshi happened to come across Rajivji Dixit’s videos on Youtube and knowing my inclination and interest towards Indian culture she had shared the same with me, since then we have been watching lots of videos and listening to audios on his research and work on Indian culture and history, being fan of Rajivji I would refer India as Bharat from now onwards, any Bhartiy who would like to see better Bharat in future must go through his research and work.

Few of the topics which I have come across are,

  • Our current education system vs Ancient education system of Bharat
  • Ayurveda for better and healthier leaving
  • Changes required in laws (Acts like “Right to recall” and “Right to reject” to introduce accountability on politicians to make sure they do their work.)
  • Swadeshi(self reliance) movement to make sure we produce in Bharat as well as consume in Bharat, making sure that MNCs are not taking profits out side of Bharat
  • Real story behind Independence of Bharat
  • To be proud of Our culture and propagate to people

I would suggest every person who is reading this post to go and check out a small documentary on his work  at

Few other useful links,

I am surprised why media never gave any support/coverage to Rajivji for his excellent work. My guess is all media channels would be afraid to air his thoughts.

It is unfortunate that he is no longer with us to guide and carry out his excellent work but I am sure his work is enough to generate awareness.  The sad part is no one knows about actual reason behind his death and the surprising was there was no postmortem done.

He had started a movement called “Azadi Bachao Andolan”, meaning “Save Independence movement”,  not sure if some one is leading that now, but In case you find his work and research useful please share with your friends and family.


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