What Bharat (India) really needs is “Patriotic Entrepreneurs”

November 27th, 2013 | Posted by mehuldoshi in Inspirations | Problem Solving

We have seen Entrepreneurs in India who were and are focused on products and services and making just revenues and profits, we also have individuals who has gone beyond just thinking about revenues and profits and do some social work along with generating profits, we call them Social Entrepreneurs, their main focus was to help underprivileged people of society.

But I feel what Bharat(India) really needs at this moment is ”Patriotic Entrepreneurs”, not sure how to define “Patriotic Entrepreneurs”, but following are some of the roles “Patriotic Entrepreneurs” should be ready to take up,

  • He/She should spend time in understanding Bhartiya Sanskriti (Indian culture)
  • Propagate the same through all the difference possible means.
  • Build products, services in Bharat based on the same, hence more jobs would be created for people within India.
  • The intention should be to make sure that profits generated from business are retained within India.
  • Export the products outside of Bharat

One of the “Patriotic Entrepreneurs” I know is Swamiji Baba Ram Dev, he has been propagating Ayurved, Yog and Pranayam and creating jobs, products, around the same.  I am not sure but I think the Ayurvedic  medicine produced at Patanjali might be getting exported.

Currently our country is in a state where we are highly influenced by foreign culture or rather I should say we have been forced to get influenced by foreign culture with proper planning!!

Consider following things

  • Our eating and drinking habits
  • The way we cook and maintain food
  • Our current education system
  • Maintaining our health
  • Our celebrations
  • The type of businesses and the way they are run..

Almost everything is influenced by foreign culture. May be I will write someday about each of above topic to bring more clarity.

Ideally I feel this should be done by our politicians but I think they are too busy with other things, so it would require some patriotic people having good understanding of our culture and knowledge of business to come forward and do the right things for India!

If you know any such entrepreneurs please use comment section below to share their work!

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  • Urvi says:

    I would like to shed some ligth on Ramji H. Kamani who was behind the successful industrial revolution in Bharat after the move out of extortionist East India Company.
    Although he was tried to pull down by the so called political agents of Britishers, he has been remarkable.

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